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Terms apply

Important – Please read carefully the terms below. By using this service, you agree to have read, understand, accept and agree to the Terms of Use. You also agree with the statement that you are given below. If you disagree or not within the scope of the Terms of Service (as defined below) and does not want to continue using the service, please do not continue to use the Application or Service.

These Terms of Use set forth herein (collectively, the “Terms of Use” or “agreement” is) constitutes a legal agreement between you and Dong Thuy Co. Ltd (company registration number 0312650437) (” Company”). To use the Service (as defined below), you must agree to the Terms of Use set forth below. By using the mobile application provided by the Company (the “Application”), and download, install or use any related software (“Software”) by the Company provide for the facilitates target seeker transport services to specific locations are connected to the service provider transport third party, the driver or the driver of vehicle (collectively “Services “), you were aware and agree that you are bound by these Terms of Use, and any amendments and additions to the Terms of Use shall be published from time to time at http: / /ladotaxi.com or through the application.

The company reserves the right to modify the Terms of use or policies relating to the Service at any time that the Company deems appropriate. These amendments will take effect as soon as the updated version of the Terms of Use posted on the website http://ladotaxi.com. You agree to accept responsibility to regularly check the Terms and Conditions of Use at National Affairs where you use services which may differ from terms used in the country where you register Applications (“National Alternative”). The continued use of the Services after any change, no matter how you look at them or not, will be equivalent to that you have accepted and agreed to such changes. You agree that your use of the Service at the National Alternative will be bound by the Terms of Use at Country Replace it and this information can be accessed at http://ladotaxi.com